How to Pick the Best Strippers in Brisbane

What is great about hitting the clubs in “Brizzie” is that you will find the best strippers without wandering too far or looking too hard. Some of the best strippers in Brisbane are just around the corner.

But the best could be bestest, if the word exists, if you know how to pick up a stripper like a professional.

What do you need to do, then?

Always let someone else pay for a dance

It could be a friend or colleague, just as long as you’re not the one paying for a dance because you’d look like just another schmuck. The money can come from you but make it look like it is someone’s surprise for you.

Don’t splash your cash

Remember that you’re in a strip club for one reason – a source to extract money from. If you splash the cash on a girl, consider yourself a live prey in a piranha-infested lake.

If you really want to impress, don’t spend money on a stripper you’re interested in. Otherwise, you’ll be just like the other guys.

Don’t ogle

Ogling a male or female stripper on stage makes you an easy target. If she catches you staring, she will know getting you to spend money on her would be easy. Play hard to get but not too hard.

Befriend the staff

Whether it’s your first time or the second time to visit a strip club, you should know the staff and be friendly to them. This will give you more social value and, highly likely, discounted or free drinks.

They can also recommend the best strippers in Brisbane that are in the house and hook you up with them.

Turn up the confidence level

A guy with a lot of charisma and confidence turns heads for the simple reason that they look important. He commands attention and will have strippers vying for his attention instead of the other way around.

Emulate this guy and you can pick any stripper you want.

Be insanely funny

Nothing is more attractive than a guy with a sense of humour. This idea applies even to strippers. So if you want to become a club’s favourite client, learn to be funnier.

If you’re no stranger to stripper woes, then you know that some of them could have a bad working day with one guy or another trying to grope them for free. You making them laugh might just be what they need to brighten their night.

Finding the best strippers in Brisbane is one thing but being able to pick one up to keep you entertained throughout the night is another. Make sure to master both.